Web/Mobile App

Coming soon – The Tatteasy web and mobile app

Select, Click, Buy, and have Tattoo Stickers mailed directly to you!

With our web and mobile app, you will be able to browse or create your own tattoo. It’s an easy and fun way to express yourself. Share you tattoo images with friends, show team spirit, add a little bling to your skin before the big night out. You pick, you choose, you decide.

About our Social App

With our Social app, we will create an entirely new social network around the concept of individualism & art.

Social Apps have been around for a while now, and they all started with a unique offering. Tatteasy will be the first social network built on temporary tattoos as a way of sharing individualism through art.

Phase I Release: Our first product release will allow people to purchase tattoos that can be mailed/shipped to the customer for a fee. Soon after we’ll follow up with an app that allows people to find the nearest Tatteasy.

Phase II: We’ll allow people to start sharing their favorite tattoo art with friends. We’ll run contests for the best looking temporary tattoo, the ugliest tattoo, best holiday tattoo, best phrase, and so forth.

Phase III:  People will ultimately decide which direction the site will go and how it will grow. We’ll let it evolve naturally. It may become a site built around a community of sharing art through social media. Or it may become a way of expressing views thru art.

There are many possibilities for how the next big social network will look and function, but the key is each social network normally starts with a unique offering that people love.

Our start will be individualism & expression through temporary tattoo art.