How it works

Through our remote-site kiosk software, you manage the content and images for each kiosk location from your desktop. Images are stored and uploaded to each kiosk location remotely. Images can be changed daily to promote special events, news items, or national holidays.

Each kiosk would have a select list of images to choose from. You pick those images that best reflect your company’s brand, logo, and values. The images are colorful and safe and use a water-based ink with safe food coloring pigment dye.

We suggest a consumer retail price of $4.00 per image, but each business is free to set their own pricing and promotions.

For businesses that wish to feature our mobile app, customers could select from an expanded list of images (or choose to create their own custom images). Once selected, these images can be easily uploaded, allowing the customers to express themselves individually. Part of the fun is watching it print and adults will want in on the fun, too!

Whether your business is a theme park, movie theater, tourist or sports destination, restaurant or club, or tattoo parlor, this is a creative way to enhance the customer experience, and most important, build a stronger customer connection with a product that is both fun and entertaining.

Our kiosks would be a memorable addition to theme parks, movie theaters, sporting events, tourist attractions, weddings, restaurants, clubs, tattoo parlors, fundraising events, and zoos.

You’ve never seen tattoo images applied like this before!