Is it safe?

Yes, our printers include two arm cradles used to properly position the arm in the center of the print area. The printer includes an infrared scanner to insure proper print location in proximity to the skin surface. Each printer is also equipped with jam protection reading.

Is the ink safe?

Yes, our printers use a water-based ink with food coloring used as pigment dye. This is the same ink that is used in inkjet or laser printers to print on tattoo adhesive paper and used at tattoo parlors to print onto tattoo stencil papers.

How long does it take to print each tattoo?

Approximately 8-12 seconds.

Can I use the kiosk to print on other parts of my body besides the arm?

Initially no, however, we are continuing to explore ways to expand our product offering.

How are images maintained?

Through the computer desktop app.

Can images be added and removed daily?

Yes, businesses can change their images from any computer desktop using our proprietary software.

What if I have my own tattoo I want to print?

Only tattoos ordered through our mobile website (www.tatteasy.www) can be uploaded to a kiosk that has the tattoo ready. In order to find a location near you, go to the tattoo kiosk finder on the phone app.

How do I order ink replacement?

Ink can be re-ordered through our authorized dealers or on our website here.

What if the machine stops working?

Each kiosk is maintained through one of our authorized dealers. Please visit terms and condition of sales for further maintenance terms.

What if print resolution is spotty?

First wipe the print heads clean with an alcohol-based cloth, then restart print job.