Case Studies

Theme Parks

Tattoo Kiosks are a great way to enhance any customer experience. The ideal target demographics for theme parks are children ages 4-10. Tattoo images can vary by location. As an example, at kid rides you might choose to have images of cartoon characters and at more thrilling rides, you might choose to display images of roller coasters. If a theme park is located near a beach town, the images may be of the ocean, sailing, or surfing. Each kiosk would include images that best reflect that location while reflecting your “Brand, Logo, and Values”


This market includes gift, novelty, and souvenir shops at national landmarks and monuments. Souvenir shops are typically constrained in the amount of retail space, and the simple rule for each item carried comes down to “revenue per square foot.”  Our product provides a unique way to spend money on something that complements the tourist attraction, but without the guilt of buying one more item to be carried around and stored in the house. With images that reflect a specific tourist location, our tattoo are sure to enhance the customer experience and memories alike. Our kiosk is a great way to add dollars to your bottom line with an item that takes up very little space and is easily updated.

Family Restaurants

Our kiosk units are ideal for any family restaurant. It is the perfect replacement for old and outdated gumball machines in the lobby. And with the small footprint of our kiosk printers, we are sure the revenue per square foot will be well worth the investment. This is a unique opportunity that restaurant owners will love because our kiosk units have the ability to do four things really well:

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Advertise the store brand with images that reflect the business brand, logo, and values.
  • Bring back repeat customers, and
  • Draw in new customers who see and are intrigued by the arm tattoos
Movie Theaters

This is a unique opportunity for movie theaters to work directly with the movie producers to promote and advertise new movie releases. As an example, let’s say a movie producer is launching its latest cartoon feature of “Kitties.” They may want to partner with the movie theaters across America to promote the movie. Movie producers could achieve this by paying theaters to limit their images to the target movie in the weeks following the movie release date. Kids coming to see that movie would be able to select images specific to that movie, thereby enhancing their movie experience as well as adding another revenue stream to the movie theaters. Best of all, the kids become a walking/talking billboard for the movie producers and stimulate others to come to see that movie. It is all about enhancing the customer experience, gaining both repeat and new customer traffic, all while selling and marketing tattoos to the consumer that best reflect that business brand, logo, and values!  What other marketing opportunities can you think of where you’re able to get the customer to pay ‘you’ to promote your business?

Sports Venues

What better way to build customer loyalty and a fan base then with tattoo images of your team logo. This is a great addition to a pre-game fan fest. Or how about adding our kiosk to a fan apparel store? For special event nights, the tattoo image can become the new “Bobblehead” night experience. But instead of having to store, box, and display all those bobble heads for an event, simply wheel in one of our kiosk machines and start printing.

And for high school booster clubs, what better way to raise money for the team sport than to charge students for team spirit. Replace that “bake sales” with something that is fun and new. Each location would include images that best reflect that your team or mascots “Brand, Logo, and Values.”

Event Coordinators

This is a great way to add to the list of activities already available to event coordinators. The kiosk is ideal for weddings, office parties, corporate events, and party planners. What better way to mark any wedding event than with an image of the bride or groom and date of nuptials. What about a corporate event? No problem, show off your company spirit with your corporate logo.

Tattoo Parlors

This is a great way to add a secondary store revenue source with customers who do not wish to have permanent tattoos. Most tattoo parlors are located near high schools or colleges. This provides a great opportunity to tie images in with the local market with current events: the big game or college rush week. It is also a great way to bring in new customers with a low overhead item. With our mobile app, customers can create, customize or purchase 3rd party images using our mobile app, and print those images using our kiosk mobile app QR scanner.

Tatteasy can also be used to draft up sample tattoos before someone decides to permanently put it on their skin.

Bars and Clubs

Time to replace that old “Pop-a-shot” or “photo booth” product with something hip and contemporary. Possibly one of the best features about placing this product at bars or clubs is that it has the ability to be a “great conversation starter.” Most people find it difficult to start a conversation with someone they don’t know. This product provides that opening. Instead of asking about the weather, they can now ask about someone’s tattoo or show off their own. Even if people are hanging out with friends, tattoos are a great way to extend friendly conversations by sharing something crazy and stupid that will wash off in the morning. This product is all about adding fun to the night at any club or bar. With the tattoo phone app, people can customize their tattoo and make it personal, funny, daring, or political. And there is a high likelihood as the night goes on some people will purchase more than just one tattoo.