About Us

Hi, my name is Patrick McNenny and I am the inventor of Tatteasy. The idea for this invention was born, in part, due to jealousy. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t have a tattoo. Often at social events, there is always that person who has a really cool and interesting tattoo that becomes the conversation piece for the night. While I often think it would be nice to have a tattoo, I’m one of those persons who doesn’t want it to be permanent. This got me thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could just stick your arm into a printer and print something exciting on your arm that reflects that moment, that event, that setting?”  Hence the idea for the Temporary Tattoo & Body Paint Kiosk was born. It’s a new and intriguing way to be part of the conversation, but now I have a leg up on my fellow permanent-tattoo-counterparts. While they can’t change their body work without adding a new tattoo or undergoing painful laser removal, I can change mine as many times as I want. I can choose to make a political statement, support my local team, or just be plain crazy with any tattoo that fits my mood. Best of all, I can wash it off that night or simply let it fade with time.

But, hey, this idea isn’t about myself or adults as much as it is about kids! Kids love temporary tattoos and body paint. And whether they apply artwork using adhesive paper or have someone paint them directly, it’s all about having fun. With this innovative product, kids are really going to love these bright, high-quality, elegant tattoos. And adults will want to get in on the fun too with our Temporary Tattoo & Body Paint Kiosks.

But before we continue, let’s take a walk down memory lane. Imagine you are at your favorite family restaurant with your kids (take Bubba Gump Shrimp as an example). The kids finish eating first and you just ordered your second glass of wine. The kids are squirming around and looking for something to do. They ask for some money, and you tell them “Buy anything, but no candy.” They run to the lobby looking for something to do when they see a tattoo kiosk that can print directly to the skin. “Wow, this is new!”  They quickly scan the menu selection and see that they can buy a tattoo of the Bubba Gump shrimp logo, or maybe one of the San Francisco sky line, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, or some other local landmark with the Bubba Gump logo inscribed. They make their selection, insert their forearm into the print housing, and press print. Walla! 20 seconds later they have a beautiful image painted across their forearm!  Moments after that, the real magic happens when they go back to the table to sit with mom and dad. A conversation breaks out!  “Oh wow, what is that on your arm?  Why did you pick that image? What did it feel like? Did it tickle, was it hot, cold, does it itch?” All the while the kid is entranced with his or her new arm bling. And the kid next to him doesn’t just say “I want a tattoo too,” but says “I want to try,” which is a completely different type of experience. Meanwhile, fast forward to later that night, the kid goes home and carefully tries not to wash off his new tattoo for four to five days. Two days later, the kid is back in school and is the talk of his or her class. Questions arise: “Where did you get that? What did it feel like? Did it tickle, was it hot, cold, does it come off?”  The kid is a walking billboard!  All he or she can think about is going back to get a different tattoo next week. And now the other kids want to go to that same restaurant to get their own arm bling. Who’s happy? Everybody is happy!  The parents had a quiet post-dinner conversation, the kid was delighted, and the restaurant has a repeat customer, free advertising, and hopefully will gain new customers along the way. A win, win, win scenario!!!

Take that same example and apply it to eight other market categories such as: tourist attractions, theme parks, movie theaters, sports venues, event planners, weddings, clubs, and tattoo parlors. We are in an ideal situation to help promote your business and build customer loyalty by enhancing the customer experience.

We know these kiosks would be a memorable addition to any family or tourist business attraction with images that reflect that business brand, logo, and values. Customers can select from an expanded list of images (or choose to create their own custom images) using our mobile app. Once selected, these images can be easily uploaded, allowing the customers to express themselves individually.