Introducing the Temporary Tattoo and Body Paint Kiosk Printer that prints ink directly to skin! (Patent Pending)

Let’s face it, having a business is all about connecting with consumers and creating a bond to generate positive memories. It’s about giving them the ability to reflect on those memories in the days that follow. But how do you do that?

Here is a great new idea that is innovative, delightful, and sure to enhance the customer experience. Introducing the world’s first “Temporary Tattoo and Body Paint Kiosk.”  This is a patent pending product for a kiosk printer that is capable of printing tattoos directly to the skin. It offers exciting new market opportunities that are both vast and deep, as well as fill the needs of several vertical markets.

Kids love temporary tattoos and body paint. Whether they apply them using adhesive paper, or having someone paint them directly, it’s all about having fun. And adults like to explore the tattoo concept without the commitment of a permanent tattoo. We manufacture and sell kiosk printers that are capable of printing high-quality images directly onto a consumer’s forearm. With images that are colorful and safe, our product is sure to create quite the conversation piece.


Making the customer experience more memorable and making stronger connections between the customer and your business, one image at a time!